Artist's statement

I began as a painter and sculptor and over time my work evolved into fiber/mixed media.  I use rug-hooking techniques as well as weave stitching and other stitching methods.  I draw with my yarns and also use textiles to add further dimensions to my work.  I have always been fascinated with samplers done by women in the industrial period and many of these women labored daily in factories and at night were wonderful storytellers woven into work.  I do different type of art pieces: some more design and influenced by Native Americans and others go through more of perspective of social commentaries of the neighborhood and memoir work and cultural statement of our time. 


On 10/29/12 Hurricane Sandy hit and ravished my studio in the basement of where I lived and nearly 30 years of work were nearly destroyed and had to start over.   I moved to a loft in Poughkeepsie and purchased a house in Kingston, NY in the Hudson Valley where I needed to restore my work and venture into more daring work.  


My artwork goes through much research and continually evolves from drawings into final more three-dimensional images and going forward into full dimensions. I always love to engage the viewer to be part of the work and see all the intricacies of the art pieces which are labor intensive.